Educational Approach

New Destin delivers a curriculum combined with international learning standards aligned with local government education curriculum. The school offers learning that is interdisciplinary, thought challenging, innovative and strong enhancement on common moral values.

Our expert teachers uses every opportunity to promote cognitive growth by creating a safe environment for children to ask questions and to be creative thinkers. Our educational approach is based on the fundamental principle that every child regardless of background has the right to receive equal opportunity to learn to discover their capabilities. We do this by engaging children with learning materials, which develop the key skills of critical thinking, creativity, persistence and curiosity.

New Destin educational model is also prepared in such a way that children can embrace their culture and learn to be the change in society through lessons that are inseparable of social, emotional and intellectual approach.

Our triangular close partnership between teachers, students and parents are designed to support students to be effective both in the classroom and at home. Our visiting team therefore visits students at their various homes to ensure that children are also safe at home as well. We also believe that learning is not restricted to the classroom, so children are also engaged in weekly social and gymnastic activities.

The school is now located in a serene environment, which is currently at Buoho-Kumasi, within the suburb of the Ashanti region in Ghana

Children from all kinds of background, qualifies to enrol in our educational centers. We are not limited by culture but rather we are the bridge between different cultures through education.

The management, the teachers and the entire staff are involve with the organisation and are constantly dedicated to work as a trusted and noble institution which engages innovative solutions from all possible avenues that can enhance education on a higher level and yet fun as well. We believe in what we do and love what we do which makes our mission our very main priority.