We encourage your questions and welcome you to New Destin Education Centre. For your convenience we have listed some few questions and answers in the list of our FAQ`s below.

Q: What is IET ?

A: IET stands for Internal Entrance Test. Every student applying above grade 1 are obliged to partake in an entrance exams. The results of the test will be an important factor to decide which grade or level a child can perform exclusive.

Q: How old must my child be to start school?

A: Day care starts from 6 months till 3 years, Preschool 3yrs. – 6yrs., Primary level 6yrs. – 12yrs. Junior Secondary level 12yrs. – 15yrs.

Q: How many children in there in each class. ?

A: The maximum students per class are 25.

Q: How do you communicate with Parents?

A: While we prefer to always speak to parents in person, we also contact parents via parents meetings, emails, information slips or by phone.

Q: Does the school require a uniform?

A: Yes, 2 uniform set and 1 PE/Friday attire are provided as part of registration.

Q: Do you provide meals?

A: Yes we provide 2 daily meals, breakfast and lunch. Each day has a different menu. Children receive also fruits as supplementary.

Q: Does the school organize any outdoor activities?

A. We organize twice in a month gymnastics / aerobics. All children from the primary level with the exception of with children with physical challenges partake in these exercises.

Q: Does New Destin have a parents association?

A: Yes, the parents association organizes parents meetings each academic year and we strongly encourage all parents to participate.

Q: Can I register online?

A. Yes, admissions are available via our online platform. Click on admission for further info.

Q: How long does a basic education last ?

A: Basic education last for 11 years.
Kindergarten lasts 2 years (Age 4-6) , Primary school lasts 6 years (Age 6-11 ), Junior Secondary School lasts 3 years(Age 12-15)

Q: Which Subjects do we offer:

A: We offer the following subjects for each particular stage:

Kindergarten : Basic literacy, numeracy and problem solving skills, skills for creativity and healthy living / environmental studies

Primary : Language and Literacy, Creative Activities, Mathematics, Environmental Studies, Movement and Drama (Music and Dance), and Physical Development.

Junior Secondary School :
English Language, Ghanaian Language and Culture, Social Studies, Integrated Science, Mathematics, Basic, Design and Technology, Information and Communication Technology, French, Religious and Moral Education.