How this began to grow

On the 9th of September 2014, we started our first academic year.
After 4 weeks, we had received new students and the numbers grew up till 25 pupils.
With the team of 6 teachers and 3 staff, we continued to campaign for the school from house to house for parents to be aware of the school.
By the end of our first term in December 2014, we were holding 36 pupils. Resuming in January 2015 the number had increased from 36 up to 70. With this great number, we needed more helping hands to join the team  for the safety and to maintain quality.

As we reopened the third semester of the academic year 2015, the number increased to 200. At this stage our staff grew bigger and we quickly noticed that we had grew out of space. An ICT lab was needed, the preschool had to be divided in to two rooms in other to contain their number, school office had to be abandoned to be used as a class room, the corridors were now being used as libraries and the store rooms were now being used as classrooms as well. By the ending of our first year in August 2015, we were holding an attendance of 221.
At this time the management decided to demolish some of the wooding structures to set up concrete buildings to be able to meet up the fast growing numbers.
During this moments, we had to turn some parents away because we were out of  space.