How This Started

The idea to start a school to support children within developing communities existed on sheet but not a reality. Until January 2014, after a survey in  Ghana within some several regions, we found out that one way to lessen street hawking kids is through affordable education. So as part of our solution was approach these fundamental issues with education. Our was goal and is to make education affordable whereas the families in developing communities can also enjoy the privilege of quality education.

Challenges was absolute but we decided to press on regardless of the circumstance. Some of our challenges was to locate a proper venue where we could start and then proceed towards the vision.

After gathering enough funds in 2014 we were able to set up a plan to build 4 small wooding structures as a classroom around the compound to add up to 6 existing rooms at the premises. We started first with the preschool and then basic education till level(BS) 4.

The name NEW DESTIN EDUCATION CENTRE, was founded as our vision to improve and motivate each child to discover their inner potentials to achieve their DESTINY.

Take a look at the pictures below from the empty compound with the uncompleted building to the new school environment.