Where we are now

Our 2nd academic year started in September 2015 with a major turn up with new registrations but unfortunately we had to turn some parents  away due to the lack of space and transportation. The management then quickly drew up a plan to put up a structure within the same compound. The challenge involve was that the students were going to loose their playing ground and also the building construction was sometimes under going during school hours. Between December 2015 and January 2016, the building was half completed and ready to be use by the students in grade 4 and 5. The building has a ground floor, first floor and a second floor. The ground floor was ready for use in 2016 whiles the 1st floor and the second floor remained under construction.

The building is almost completed and yet with over 300 children and still growing we lack space to continue this project, which now requires for a much more bigger space to be able to expand the vision which the school is also making provision for expansion.
The school  has about 22 staff working full time in the school.

Here below are pictures of the new expansion till date.

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