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Are you passionate to work with children, immersing yourself with African culture, integrating and helping local and international schools to achieve their goals, then DESTIN WORK AWAY program is for you.

New Destin Education Centre provides quality affordable education for middle class communities. Our foremost goal is to create bridges for learners to walk on in their pursuit of excellence and having crossed, we guide them to build dreams of their own.
We are grateful and exited to know that you are viewing our current school in Ghana, which is among the striving schools in its current location, with fast growing student population. We are well pleased to know you plan to visit our school and to work with us.

We are also honored to introduce you to our DESTIN WORK AWAY program. This program is setup to assist all foreign nationals who plan to visit our school to volunteer and contribute to the cause.

The program is designed in a way to host international volunteers, students, families, tutors and individuals to learn and to share their experiences.

Over the past years we have had visitors from Europe and South America.

The duration of visit depends on school calendar, you can find our current 2017 academic calendar in General Information.

To plan your visit or enquiries about a future visit please fill the form below and we will contact you.